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The Unreal Engine Developer Course is a collection of video tutorials for
building games using Unreal Engine. As you are absent, the C ++ programming
language is considered the standard language of the game industry.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a game using the C ++
programming language. In this collection you will learn C ++, so that
you can build your own games. By learning your requirements from the
C ++ programming language, you can finally create your first computer
game on the Unreal engine engine.
Unreal Engine C ++ Developer Features: Learn C ++ and Make Video Games:

You will be able to create highly innovative and beautiful games using
the Unreal Engine engine by watching and learning the tutorials in this
series and learning the C ++ programming language. In this tutorial, you
will have 337 video tutorial sessions. Also, about 60 hours of training
is waiting for you.
Course specifications:

    Teacher: Ben Tristem, Sam Pattuzzi, by Ben Tristem
    Level: Advanced to advanced
    Duration: 60:16:34
    Number of lessons: 351 lessons
    Language: English with subtitles English, Italian, Japanese, Polish,
	Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish

The Unreal Engine Developer Course:

Course content
351 lectures 60:16:34

Introduction and Setup - 2019 Version
13 lectures 01:03:35

Introduction and Setup (Original Version)
12 lectures 56:26

Bulls & Cows Word Console Game - Your First C
43 lectures 05:51:30

Building Escape - Your First Unreal C Game
48 lectures 07:54:23

Battle Tank - A Fun Tank Battle with Mortars
122 lectures 22:13:27

Testing Grounds FPS
112 lectures 22:17:04

Continuing Your GameDev Journey
1 lecture 00:27