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This course is all about RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux )
and RHCE (Red Hat Certification Exam).

Here we will explore various services, utilities, commands,
concepts related to RHEL.

We would learn about Linux file system in depth, graphical
utilities on gnome, wide range of commands for text processing
(grep, sed, cut, less, pipe, tr, etc) handling, process management
(ps, pstree,top, kill, etc) file management (CD, ls, touch, etc),
file permission (chmod, chgrp, chown, etc in both symbolic and
numeric methods, logging, Networking, system administration, mounting,
installation (yum) etc with a wide range of topics with emphasis 
on RHCE.

We will learn concepts in lectures and will implement by executing
commands on terminal and shell scripts in practical sessions.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who is interested in learning Linux Administration with Red Hat,
Fedora or any rpm based linux distribution.

Anyone who is just curious enough to learn more about Commands,
File System and linux utilities and tools.

Anyone who is pursuing linux certification including RHCE
(Red Hat Certification Exam).

Topics include the following:
Course Introduction
ogging into different Consoles
File-System, Directory, Files, User, Group and Permissions
Shortcuts, Variables, Shell Scripting, Standard I/O and Pipes
Text Processing Tools, vi, vim
Process Management, System Configuration, etc
More on user, group, permission, Filesystem and System admin tools