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What is this learning path about, and why is it important?

One of the primary attack surfaces that hackers look to exploit
when trying to gain access to a company’s digital assets is the
one that is right there at the proverbial “front door”: the web

Today, nearly every company—from small to global scale, and
spanning every industry—uses web applications, especially for
interacting with their customers.

And, for a new generation of web-savvy consumers, a company’s
website is often the only way many customers now transact business,
including browsing products, purchasing products, paying bills,
making appointments or reservations, and so many other things,
so not having a web presence is no longer an option.
Unfortunately, these web applications can provide entry points
to the internals of the business, making it possible for bad actors
to steal or corrupt data.

In this learning path, your host, IT security specialist Ric Messier,
introduces you to open source tools that you can use to help identify
security vulnerabilities within your web applications.

More than ever, web application security testing is essential for
businesses to help protect against intrusions.

This has led to an increasing demand for accomplished and knowledgeable
testers. If you are an entry- to intermediate-level developer or
security engineer who wants to learn how to spot and plug the holes in
your web applications security, let Ric get you started on this very
important journey.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

    How to identify web-based vulnerabilities and how to remediate them
    How to identify misconfigurations and how to correct the configuration
    How to use web browser plug-ins to gather information about web
    applications to identify potential vulnerabilities

This learning path is for you because…

    You want to learn how to identify and remediate problems within web 
    applications to bolster your value to your organization
    You have an interest in information security and want to gain additional
    information about vulnerabilities and remediations
    You are a web application developer and want to understand how
    and where your work potentially exposes your company to risks of
    attack so that you can improve your applications


    You should have a basic knowledge of operating systems
    You should be aware of the fundamentals of security testing

Materials or downloads needed in advance

    Kali Linux