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The big takeaway from the Kaizen Cure is that I am responsible for professional failure.

It’s not bad luck.

There is stuff I don’t even realize I am doing that is sabotaging my potential.

This course helped me see where my flaws were getting in the way so I could get on
with business.

In the very first week of the course I had already learned:

    How to get out of repetitive behaviors that don’t lead to success ( or anywhere)
    How to feel deserving about success
    Learn how to meditate on future accomplishments
    How to gain the patience I need to NOT give up easily


But it’s not just your personal drawbacks that become barriers.

Iman shows how your personal health is also a burden.

Iman immediately gets you on a successful and healthy routine.

He shows you what you should be doing every morning and what patterns should rule
your nights.

He really emphasizes how you need to abandon social media like Facebook, Twitter
or Instagram, and get to work.

By the fourth week, Iman also makes you reevaluate the people around you. 

Sometimes they can be holding you back.

He teaches how to audit all your social circles to see which acquaintances,
relatives and friends and even loved ones may be toxic.
Iman shows you how to move away from these relationships if you want a healthy

He also helps you discover which relationships in your life need to be nurtured. 

These are the positive ones that help build up your success.

He then teaches you how to network in the real world. Not on Facebook.

These are face-to-face engagement tactics that help successful people move up in
the world.

No matter what business you are in, by the end of Iman’s “Cure” you really will
feel better about yourself and about your career.

You will achieve more focus and more positive energy. You will feel it every day 
you start your work.
Finally, here is a course that’s only about one conversion. 
This program converts you into being a better person and being better at business.