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Have you ever had an Idea for a program, an app or a game?

Maybe you want to work as a developer? Then you are at the right place.
In this course you are going to discover how to become a c# developer -
one of the best programming languages on earth!

C# is one of the few programming languages which allows you to create
amazing cross platform Mobile Apps, Games and PC Programs. 

Bringing an Idea to life is one of the best feelings one can have, but
the path to get there is often full of challenges. So I have created a
course that makes this path as easy as possible all with the help of c#
so that you become a skilled c# developer!

You start off by learning the C# basics and C# programming concepts in general:




    if statements


Then you learn the three pillars of Object oriented programming.

    Classes and Objects



Once you mastered them you will go into advanced C# Topics, such as
Databases and LINQ.

In order to really become really good in c# programming, you have to
program yourself, so I have created loads of exercises (and quizzes)
for you to try for yourself to do c# programming and also to see how
it is done afterwards. Of course you learn best programming practices
along the way.

Equipped with those skills, you will build beautiful user interfaces
with WPF - A framework, which makes creating GUI s a piece of cake.
By that point, you can create your very own complex programs.
But what comes next is even cooler.

Learn Game Development with Unity and C# - Build 2 awesome games

As C# can be used for multiple different areas of programming, I have
decided to cover the most important ones. So I have added a whole bunch
of chapters specifically designed for a C# developer and Unity game
developer - arguably the best Game Engine in the world. In those chapters
you will discover how to create your very own video games by building pong,
the mother of video games and zig zag, an amazing and successful endless
runner game.

We live in a world, where knowledge and work are shared more than ever,
so using assets provided by others is a huge boost to your progress. 
You will learn how to use 3D assets to make an endless runner.
Then you ll use animations, reset the game, use particle systems and
finally create a map procedurally. That s quite some advanced stuff
right there.

I know that learning to code can be hard at times, and sometimes you just
get stuck. But no worries, we are there for you. We answer each question
as quickly as we can and make sure that you reach your goal of becoming a


The course is for anyone, who wants to learn c# and wants to become professionally
good in c# programming. No experience is required what so ever. It is designed
that anyone who can handle a mouse and keyboard will succeed finishing it.
The only real requisite is the desire to learn.

As you see, this is the only C# course you will ever need!

You will learn all the c# fundamentals, all c# basics and everything that you
need to know to succeed in c# programming and building your own cool video games! 

So don t waste any more time and start to make your dreams and ideas come true by
taking this course now