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"Don't invest your time on anything that does not make money"

Alex Becker

The Way to Success

The people who have the greatest success in our culture are not those who do not fail, but simply those who know that if they try to get something and they can not have it, they have nevertheless had an instructive experience: they use what they have learned and try another way, take new actions, get new results. Successful individuals are particularly adept at distinguishing what they need to understand, and what is not. Successful people are those who are most ready to ask others: How can we do it better? How can we make it work?. If you can identify people who have achieved tremendous successes, you can trace the specific actions they consistently take to achieve results - their beliefs, their mental syntax, their physiology - so you can achieve similar results in a learning time. shorter. And remember that people are not afraid of success, they just do not know how to reach it. And if others are doing better than you, it's because they know something you do not know. So remember that the key to success is deciding what is most important to you and then taking massive actions to improve daily, even if it does not seem to work. Defeat is an integral part of the inevitable victory.